Flourish Project Academy

We provide education resources that promote the wellbeing of parents, teachers, schools, communities, cities and nations.


We are currently in the pilot phase of our development - which means that we really value everybody's involvement and feedback!


Parents & Teachers

We offer introductory courses for people wanting to better understand what supports flourishing families and schools.

Leadership Coaches

We are currently offering professional certification training for existing Barrett Values Centre (BVC) coaches.

Community Leaders

We provide training modules for leadership teams who are actively involved in implementing the Flourish Values Model (FVM).


We provide whole system training for schools that are actively involved in implementing the Flourish Values Model (FVM).

"There is nothing more important than protecting the generations yet to come."

Download your free copy today of The Little Book of Flourishing.

This unique book explains how important it is that we create societal models that nurture the physical, mental, emotional ‚Äčand spiritual aspects of what it is to be human (and not just some aspects at the expense of others).

It highlights the huge importance of early childhood experiences and introduces the seven core aspects of human wellbeing that enable us to 'flourish'.

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